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I created a title sequence for the movie, Changeling. The movie is based in 1928 Los Angeles. A single mother arrives home to find her son is missing. Five months later, her prayers are answered when her son is found in Illinois. But to her horror, the boy who steps off the train is not her son. Authorities dispute her claim and deem her as crazy. Her only ally is a clergyman who sees the case as his chance to expose the corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department. The movie itself is dark and serious. From the telephone operator’s cords and police corkboard, to the train tracks and the noose that the kidnapper hangs from in the end, line is a reoccurring theme that is throughout the film. I chose to capitalize on this theme and use it as my illustration direction for this animation. But also in contrast, the line simplifies the chaoticness of the corruption and scandal of the film.

DELIVERABLES: Illustration, Animation     ART DIRECTION: Brian Cassidy