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They say some people dream in color, and others, in black and white. I have a tendency to dream in aluminum. The soft crinkly kind that encloses a warm and soft wrapped tortilla filled with what I can only assume is the essence of my soul and work.

Born and raised in York, Pennsylvania (a town filled with too many chain restaurants and Harley Davidson motorcycles), Zoe Evanitus moved to Philadelphia to pursue a BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design at the Tyler School of Art. There, she quickly found her voice in illustration. She also found her love in publishing and packaging. Zoe graduated from Tyler in May 2017.

Other than being a designer and illustrator, Zoe is a burrito enthusiast, an adequate cyclist that has only been hit by a taxi once, sub-par yogi, and a proud owner of an Italian Greyhound named Giro.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss possible design work, freelance opportunities, or just to recommend a good burrito joint by sending a hello to

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